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Paula Lee Miniskirt Seduction

Paula Lee is a 23 year old Czech bombshell who has perfected the art of seduction through plenty of practice. "I can't get enough of having sex, but maybe my favorite part is the hunt! I have spent a lot of time figuring out how to wear my clothes and keep my body perfectly toned so that everyone I meet wants to do me." Dressed in a tank top and a short plaid miniskirt that shows off a hint of her panties when she bends over at the waist, Paula looks hip and very sexy.

It turns out that this hot number has even given though to how she wants to take her clothes off once she finds someone to fuck! "I almost never wear a bra when I'm going out to find a guy for the evening. It's fun to see the look on guys' faces when I take off my shirt and my big boobs are right there, and who cares if my nipples get hard and give away how horny I am? That's kind of the point, don't you think?" As Paula describes that scenario, her hands move to the hem of her shirt and she strips it over her head. She's right-dressed in just her miniskirt with her tits swaying as she moves, she does make a sexy sight.

Slipping slowly out of her skirt and panties, Paula soon stands before us naked. Her shaved mound is soft and glistens with a little bit of moisture that we can see from halfway across the room. "I'm very turned on," she murmurs as she slips one finger down her dewy cleft and then sucks it into her mouth. "I definitely want to make myself cum." Head on over to Nubiles.net now to watch Paula strip down and then finger herself until she cums in high-def video, as well as to find all the hottest girls online! Comments are off for this post