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A Little Background on EroticBPM’s Partygirl Saia

EroticBPM superstar Saia returns in a super hot schoolgirl skirt and oh how we love the big black boots! Fans and admirers of Saia wanted to know a bit more about this fun exhibitionist cutie, so here are some fun facts to know about her that we’ve gathered from the extensive profile she has available on EroticBPM:

Food Saia enjoys: waffles, egg rolls, cabbage, pineapple, ham and havarti cheese sammiches, anything with garlic

What does she drink: Dr Pepper, Quervo 1800 Tequilla, Bombay Saphire, coffee

…and most importantly…

Saia’s Turn Ons: Aesthetically: bone structure, hip bones and collar bones that stick out, protuberant veins and joints, symmetry/ proportion, light colored eyes Generally: twisted, perverse things, getting/ giving head, trying new things, pleasing my boy

Get to know her and see a lot more of her too, on EroticBPM

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Sexy Selina is a dangerous little pixie

Little Selina has such a hot BarelyEvil body. Her pixie features accentuated by her beautiful makeup and styling. She certainly is exactly the kind of girl you could get yourself in a lot of trouble with, but it would probably be worth it. You can almost see the gleeful pyromaniac in her big amber eyes. BarelyEvil members are going to be enjoying a lot of this cutie for sure!

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Nurse Vega: Kinky Spongebath Anyone?

We knew BarelyEvil.com could always use a little more wicked evil and nurse Vega is here to give us the intensive care we need. She plays the role of pervy nightmare nurse so very well, showing off her cold metal medical tools against her sexy smooth skin. Hot stuff indeed. Vega actually lives in a small town where her look is obviously very extreme, but now she’s joined the kindred souls at BarelyEvil.com. Now you can enjoy her kinky first photo series. Be sure to take a look.

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Kori Kitten: Kori in her dragon t

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Kumi looks striking in kinky green rubber

RubberDollies.com is proud to add yet another amazing photo collection featuring international fetish personality Kumi. A lot of creativity went into this distinctive set. Kumi has worked with many of the top names in the fetish world and it’s always a pleasure to see the results of the projects she participates in. Here is what she has to say about kinks and things:

“There are so many fetishes out there and varying degrees of obsession. Latex is what I can appreciate the most but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a decent amount of leather in my wardrobe or PVC for that matter. After all, those fabrics are a bit more sturdier than latex for particular scenes. ; ) The other things I enjoy are stockings. I love taking new ones out of the package knowing that the perfect things are about to lose the pristine quality that all new things have. I love the feel of them sliding on and the placement of the heel and back seam. Of course, they’re just as much fun to take off.”

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Cutie Nyx Profile and New Set on EroticBPM

Nyx is such a cutie. We thought we’d share a little fun and interesting information about her for those that just can’t get enough of her. Be sure to stop by EroticBPM and check out the latest hot set of her playing around in the morning sun, wearing her adorable pink panties and sneakers.

About me: im an open minded individual, with very diverse style, i love smiling and laughing… I always enjoy having a good time with friends and always being there for them. I am a vegetarian but i dont eat any dairy, still not a vegan tho. I love dancing and singing even if im making a fool of myself. I’m pretty interesting but at times im just plain old boring, i guess it all depends on what mood you catch me in.

My Piercings: i gots 5/8th plugs in each ear (soon to be 3/4), vertical and horizontal nipple rings, christina, vertical hood, septum, two lower lip rings, and a monroe.

My Tattoos: angel wings outline on my back, two angels sitting on a cloud on my lower tummy, and an unprofessional star on my belli button.

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