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Cool Gothic Girls at the Beach?

According to Forrest Black and Amelia G, their most recent GothicSluts shoot with Voltaire must have set some new world records for fastest sets they ever shot. It was a really cold day. Okay, it wasn’t cold by the standards of any place which really has cold days, but this is Los Angeles. Even though it was chilly, their last shoot had been rained out, so Voltaire decided they should hit the beach no matter what this time. They had some concepts which required warmer weather, but it still seemed like a good idea. Note to Gothic types who might not go to the beach that often: it gets a lot colder than areas more inland do on days like this. Who knew? So anyway, they took their time drinking coffee and wandering around and hanging out before they finally got things underway and the day got steadily colder. The first spot they shot in was an incredibly naughty place and they only had six minutes total to shoot in and, for reasons of discretion, they couldn’t use the whole time. The second spot they shot in, they did everything in under five minutes because it was getting pretty icy for Angelenos. This lifeguard booth was the last location of the day and it was unfuckingbelievably cold (for LA.) Checking the timestamps, they shot this series in literally just over two minutes. Go Amelia, Forrest, and Voltaire! I love the cool moody feel they managed to capture here.

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I Like Guns and Guns Like Me…

Looks like the dangerous girls of BarelyEvil.com have gone gun crazy, well, been gun crazy now that we think about it. Check out the super hot 80’s punk retro Mad Max styled shoot featuring MySpace legend Dana DeArmond! BarelyEvil has quite the cute bettie battalion.

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Better than a pot of Gold!

BlueBlood’s BarelyEvil hopes everyone had a happy St. Patrick’s Day! With her sharply defined cheekbones, Ariel has sort of fae otherworldly good looks, so it was a given that she would be perfect for this BarelyEvil.com holiday set. Ariel was all about the really petite Leprechaun chapeau and it looks so cute on her.

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Kori Kitten: Kori & Serena together

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Ultra Perv Star Darenzia in Hot Rubber

RubberDollies.com has been adding lots of slick pervy stuff lately, including this hot red rubber set of fetish star Darenzia. We love how her sexy full lips match the beautiful glossy heavy rubber corset, although we also have to admit that we miss her bright blue mohawk a bit. Maybe she’ll bring it back sometime soon. Check out more of this steamy series on RubberDollies now.

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Wild Raver Girls are Crazy Hot!

EroticBPM is excited to introduce their latest adorable raver girl, Kitten Toxicated. We love her neon hot pink hair and genuine smile and we certainly look forward to seeing more of her! Check out Kitten’s very first set, on EroticBPM now. They have the worlds best collection of super sexy and real party girls around.

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Stunning Silver Scar13

When asked about this stylishly sexy creative shoot available on Scar13.com, Scar had the following to say:

When working with Kelly and Alex, I am always excited at the collaborative effort put into our shoots. Normally I am all about thin eyebrows, bright lighting, hooker stilettos and sexy black clothes. However, they have completely different tastes about what is sexy. Luckily I really like their taste and it is fun to have Alex do my hair and make-up in ways I normally would not do or even know how to do it! I always bring clothes that have a funkier, more colorful palette and Alex weeds through my suitcase and puts together outfits that I end up looking at and thinking “why didn’t I think of putting those together?” Anyhow, we recently shot these pix which have a disco fever kinda feel :-) Hope ya like ‘em!! ~Scar

The outfit even matches herslick silver vibrator! Check her site out to see them all: Scar13.com

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Chaotika Shotgun Wedding on GothicSluts.com

The always fun and sexy Chaotika is back with a vengence. This series, which just posted on GothicSluts.com, is certainly one for the guns and dangerous women lovers out there. The big shiny black boots are pretty hot too!

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Kori Kitten: Kori looking cute in pigtails

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Bella Vendetta Naked in the Graveyard

GothicSluts.com certainly has the most impressive collection of beautiful exotic girls getting naked and playing in the graveyard. This latest hot series features Bella Vendetta, showing off her unique scarification and stunning tattoo collection. She even took some time to play with the big black swans in the reflecting lake. She looks so hot with her exquisite body resting on the cool white marble mausoleums in the glowing light of dusk. The evening sun illuminating her modified skin. Bella really enjoys being nude in places she could get caught, she clearly finds it sexy and exciting, but then again, who doesn’t like a naughty thrill from time to time. Be sure to stop by GothicSluts and check out the whole collection.

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Kori Kitten: Kori in her PJ’s

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Kori Kitten: Teen Kori in her black dress

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Kori Kitten: Kori in a ripped shirt

Kori in a ripped shirt Comments are off for this post

Kori Kitten: Kori lying in pillows

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