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Sexy Gothic Justine Joli is Just Stunning

GothicSluts has an amazing assortment of awesome Justine Joli layouts and this most recent series is exceptionally hot! She is just one of the most beautiful sexy girls in the world. This most recent GothicSluts series of her captures a playful casual side, rolling around on the bed in an oversized vintage BlueBlood t-shirt, playing with herself, having a good time. We LOVE her in the classic spooky black lipstick, oversized fetish goth shirt, and especially the HOT striped stockings!

This series is so hot we had to give you two excellent shots! So, be sure to check out the rest! It’s beyond worth it!

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Tink Might Just Go Dancing Naked

EroticBPM has the hottest collection of fun adventurous cuties. Tink here is yet another fine example of the adorably playful young women they consistantly feature. We always love those jellybean bracelets, bouncing pigtails, and the cute toys they always seem to have with them. Besides, you know we’re suckers for the sexy nipple piercings too! Yummy! EroticBPM also just beefed up all their awesome community features and these great girls really do hang out and chat with members, for real!

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Scar 13 and her new 3 foot blue crystal toy

According to her site blog, Scar 13 recently went on an exciting whirlwind tour, spanning a number of really exotic locations across several really interesting countries. She not only brought back a lot of really interesting stories, many of which she shares on her site, she also brought back some really exotic items. Scar says that one of her favorites is the three foot blue hookah she picked up at an open air market in the middle east, which is featured in this colorful series! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to get that through customs! We’re not entirely sure she’s using it according to the instruction manual, but we’re certainly not going to complain given how sexy she looks exploring her body with the ornate crystal pipe. Check out her site and read more of her great adventures!

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Gothic Jen Vixen Gets Naked Detention

Another sexy GothicSluts.com classic! Jen Vixen is caught flashing her toungue-in-cheek gothic gang signs in this cute little series. The hot black PVC ‘detention’ dress was actually made by another one of the talented Gothic Sluts girls, Yolanda! It doesn’t take long before trouble-maker Jen zips out of her tight shiny dress to show off her amazing tattoo collection for the lucky viewers. This heliophobe has the most amazing glowing pale skin, but we were caught mostly admiring her beautiful shapely butt! Yummy! This girl has got everything in one hot package! Whoa! Check her out for yourself.

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Apnea Binds and Gags Scar with her Spooky Panties

Scar 13 has quite the collection of pervy little kinks and one specialty she truly enjoys is being dominated and gagged with her own panties. In this gorgeous series, she gives herself up to the lovely Apnea, who binds her tight in awesome skull and crossbones tape, stuffs Scar’s mouth with her wet panties, and then tapes her mouth shut for good measure! This is certainly some exciting stuff! We love all the ribbons and fishnet, sexy crazy hair, high heels, and pouting naked gothic girls! Wow. These are not to be missed! Check out more on Scar13.com right now!

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Sexy Raver Girls Love Their Glowsticks!

And we love the sexy raver girls! EroticBPM members have just been treated to another stunning series of intimately fun shots with cutie favorite Jamie! She’s just so adorably tasty we want to eat her all up! Some of the glowing trails glowstick lighting effects on this set are really entertaining, but to be honest, we were pretty distracted by her cute little candy pink and blue nipple piercings! How many licks would it take…

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Stunning Voltaire Just Chilling Sexy

BarelyEvil just added another great photo set of tattoo pin-up covergirl Voltaire. This set is a rare and intimate glimpse of what it is like to just kick it with her. The outfit she showed up to shoot wearing had that special sexy tough street punk look and normally she probably wouldn’t have been photographed in it, but we love how she looks just hanging out, drinking a beer or a coffee, painting her toenails, and talking about anything and everything. I hope you all enjoy this set as much as we do.

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Agent Aeon is a hot vision in blue

This adorable series of hip pixie Agen Aeon was just added to her collection of sexy intimate images available on BarelyEvil! She’s just such a crazy hot young cutie! We love her genuine smile and energetic fun attitude.

Here is an excerpt from her BarelyEvil interview that we particularly enjoy:

Are there any particular kinks or fetishy acts that really get you off?

Im a sucker for hard, rough, throw me down and bruise me, hair pulling, biting, sucking sex, but no blood, thanks.

What about that really excites you?

I suppose it gets the adreniline pumping..there’s just something delicious about the thought of someone throwing you against a wall, ripping off your clothes, pushing your face around and fucking you hard, slamming you into whatever surface you happen to be on…*Ahem*..next question…

See more of this, along with her sexy layouts, here.

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