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23 year old Paula Lee from Czech is pursuing a new career as a porn star, and we were lucky enough to grab her for one of her first hard core shoots. "Since I'm still pretty new at this I feel the most comfortable fucking on camera with my boyfriend. We're kind of on again off again but lately since I started doing porn we've been on." Paula arrives with her man and they help each other out of their clothes, exchanging heated kisses and sneaking gropes the whole time they are undressing each other.

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Soon, though, Paula's guy is done with foreplay. He settles himself behind her thighs and gently spreads her legs apart before entering her in one long hard thrust. The two of them settle into a rhythm with the ease of plenty of familiarity, and soon Paula's breathy pants and gasps fill the air as he drives her towards her climax. After a few minutes, Paula pauses her man and rolls to her knees to offer him her round ass. "Do me from behind and I'll cum any second," she begs. Her guy is happy to please, pumping into her with so much enthusiasm that Paula's tits bounce. You can catch this whole sexy scene right now only at Nubiles.net, where all of the hottest and raunchiest girls online are featured daily. Comments are off for this post