Dirty Teenage Sluts

FTV Girls Kylah


From the moment the camera starts rolling, she starts taking her clothes off!  Even right in the middle of a mall and office area!  Surprising the photographer, she doesn’t keep her dress on for long!  So she’s in the nude, in this public place, showing off that perfect butt of hers, and fingering herself!  Of course, she catches the attention of a few angry people, so we move on to another location.  The clothes don’t stay on for long (again) and she’s sitting at the steps of an office finger-banging herself!  Back home, she tries the rabbit toy, and has several toe curling orgasms.  In fact, the last orgasm gives her a ‘charlie horse’ cramp in her foot!  So while she is massaging her foot, we get some unexpected foot fetish action.  The talk goes from butt to anal, and since she fingered herself anally while masturbating, why not try a toy?  A wand-like toy then enters her butt, and she pushes it as deep as it can go, going real deep (6 inches long!).  She surprises even herself.  Then in the cutest red dress & heels, she plays with her breasts & butt, then gives us some extreme gaping closeups of her pretty private parts.  She plays with the vibraking toy and also goes for a larger clear dildo, hard-fucking herself with it until she is sore.  By the end of the day she’s out at a golf course, and goes naked running around in the grass…  She’s a total first timer, experiencing all this only on FTV!

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