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Danielle FTV Bank On This


The masturbation portion of this video was shot by the new photographer in training so be warned…it’s a bit shaky. I’m so tempted to edit out me cursing in this video. I got so frustrated when I couldn’t orgasm that I ended up saying “F@#$” super loud. I know that cursing is pretty typical in porn videos but to be perfectly honest I think it’s kind of tacky. Not that I’m saying I don’t curse…actually I curse more than anybody I know. Though I really try not to curse around little kids and my elders. I guess this goes to show you that I really don’t fake anything. I would much rather get upset for not being able to get off than try to fake an orgasm that would most likely look terrible. I mean to be perfectly honest most faked porn orgasms are just terrible. A lot of the times I’ll be watching the girl fake it and cringe (and yell at the screen about how terrible that was lol.) My perfect masturbation scenario is me lying in a comfy bed with plenty of room in a non public place. Obviously it has to be a perfect temperature (like under 80 degrees) since I really don’t like the heat. There would be no people around either since I tend to get distracted when people are around me. And there wouldn’t be too much noise either. When I am masturbating in my perfect masturbation scenario then I can cum in less than 3 minutes easy, but when new elements like heat or people are added in then it increases the time that it takes me to orgasm if I can at all.

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