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>Jimmy had already had given Aurora a test run so to speak so when he asked her to come back for an on camera audition of sorts with me, I could sense an attitude. Aurora was a super cute teen but even the hottest ones are hard to work with if they’re bitchy. But I have to hand it to Jimmy. He has a way of loosening young girls up and making things fun for them. Words like star and money help this process considerably. I could sense Aurora was going to be ok once we got into it and I was right on in that assessment. I was sitting on the couch when Jimmy gave Aurora direction to flash her tight teen goods. Her pussy and ass looked delicious and I guess my cock did to her because Aurora was right on it with her mouth. I bent her over the couch and slid all the way inside her 19 year old pussy walls and rammed her good doggie style. It was down and dirty from there because I owned that shaved teen pussy for the next few minutes before I shot my load while Aurora’s legs were spread wide apart. I would say Aurora got a major attitude adjustment.

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